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The Development of a Painting

I thought I’d show the stages I went through in the development of this little painting of Lower Largo in the bonny county of Fife, which I painted for my nephew and his wife. It was very refreshing to take a break from creating black & white designs for my adult colouring book (which I hope to publish in the autumn) and re-acquaint myself with brushes and paint. It reminded me of how much I enjoy the physicality of mixing and putting paint on canvas just as much as analysing the tones and colours required. And that elusive quality of painterly-ness that I strive to achieve, still dances frustratingly – just out of reach!

The photos speak for themselves, so I’ll ditch the descriptions and let your eyes teach you all you need to know.








Lower Largo, Acrylic on Board, 9" x 18" (approx)
Lower Largo, Acrylic on Board, 9″ x 18″ (approx)


My Daler-Rowney “Stay-Wet” Palette. A great invention!

photo of tree painting

Country lane, near Charlottetown, Fife

Managed to get out and do a bit of painting today. At last!

I had in mind to paint one of the farm buildings near this lane but came across this rustic corner and decided to paint it instead! It was a beautiful day, sunny, birds singing, so peaceful – until out of the blue came an RAF jet screaming past directly overhead. Thankfully it was gone just about as soon as it appeared! This was my first painting excursion outdoors this year, so it was good to get started again and be reminded of how much I enjoy painting “on the spot”.