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Billy the Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier Commission

Recently I completed this oil painting of “Billy” the Cairn Terrier which a friend of mine commissioned. As you can see from the photo, the painting is on a much larger scale than I usually do, so it took me considerably longer to finish than normal!

My client wanted a large painting and we discussed the possibility of including a Scottish croft in the background, since he had been brought up on a croft as a boy in Fife. I created the background to suggest the Lomond Hills in the distance and placed “Billy” in the foreground, as if he is anxiously waiting for his master to return.

This painting stretched me beyond the limits of what I normally do but I think the end result worked out “no’ too bad” as they say in these parts!

painting of Goldfinch


Every now and then we get a visit from these lovely little birds in our garden. Their markings and colours make them immediately recognisable.  I really enjoyed painting this little beauty.

“They make the most use of our gardens at the same time in late spring every year – between returning from their wintering grounds and the start of breeding, and at a time when natural food resources are at their lowest. More interestingly, this finch is increasingly using garden bird feeders, this may be because natural resources are in steady decline or more gardens are offering niger seed and sunflower hearts, which are both high energy foods that Goldfinches seem to prefer”. (Garden Birds UK)

Cottage, Isle of Lewis

Cottage, Isle of Lewis

I saw this cottage when Norma and I were on holiday in the Outer Hebrides a few years ago. The rusty red corrugated iron roof on the shed caught my eye, as did the light glinting off the dry-stane dykes. The washing flapping in the breeze tells us that this was “a good drying day!” Fortunately the weather was kind to us and we have very happy memories of our stay in the hamlet of Ness, away up on the Northernmost tip of Lewis. The people are so friendly and the landscape is quite unique. Well worth the ferry trips necessary in order to get there!