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St Monans Churchyard, Fife

I was recently commissioned to paint a view of the Churchyard at St Monans. The client wanted four children included in the painting but otherwise left me to choose the best view, which was much appreciated, as it enabled me to select a view which not only met the client’s specifications but allowed me to choose the view which I think best portrays the unique setting of St Monans church. The church building and churchyard are centre stage but I’ve included enough visual information to show the quaint fishing village, red-tiled houses and harbour in the distance with a wide expanse of sea and sky behind.

16″ X 12″, on Saunders Waterford paper.

Billy the Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier Commission

Recently I completed this oil painting of “Billy” the Cairn Terrier which a friend of mine commissioned. As you can see from the photo, the painting is on a much larger scale than I usually do, so it took me considerably longer to finish than normal!

My client wanted a large¬†painting and we discussed the possibility of including a Scottish croft in the background, since he had been brought up on a croft as a boy in Fife. I created the background to suggest the Lomond Hills in the distance and placed “Billy” in the foreground, as if he is anxiously waiting for his master to return.

This painting stretched me beyond the limits of what I normally do but I think the end result worked out “no’ too bad” as they say in these parts!