painting of Gateside Farm
Gateside Farm, from Gate side Road, near Kilmacolm

Gateside Farm, Kilmacolm

This is a painting of Gateside Farm from Gateside Road, just off the Kilmacolm Road which connects Greenock with Kilmacolm. My father’s ancestors were born here, so this subject will always have precious memories of him for me.

The Kilmacolm Road is a beautiful part of the country, indeed, it is said that when Queen Victoria was looking for a Scottish retreat, she nearly chose the countryside around Kilmacolm in preference to Balmoral! I have to admit, though, that the Highland scenery around Balmoral is on a much grander scale! Still as the old verse puts it “East, West, Hame’s best!”

painting of Gateside Farm
Gateside Farm, from Gateside Road, near Kilmacolm